Succulents From San Diego

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Vero's Secret Garden

How I came to love Succulents

Veronica's Succulent Humor

It Doesn't 'Succ-u-lent' me that Advice

Veronica Melero - Veronica's Succulents, TM

Small 4" Succulents

4" Small Cuttings

small cuttings, no root


4" Plant with root

Live plant, with root

$2.99 +

12" Plant with root

Live plant, with root

$10.99 +

Succulent Hanging Planter

Live plant, with root

$10.99 +

Medium 6" to 8" Succulent

6" Succulent Cuttings

cutting, no root

medium cutting, no toot


6" Plant with Root

Live plant, with Root

5.99 +

Veronica's Succulents

I grow and sell succulents from San Diego since 2016. Have been selling them since January 2018. I have fair prices and can ship to anywhere in the United States. I have rare cuttings and plants for sale! Will beat Home Depot Prices!


I have been passionate about succulents since the first time I laid my eyes on one. Living in a drought-prone state like California. It made sense to change to these beauties. I grow and cultivate all of my succulents for sale. here in Sunny San Diego, CA. I have been growing succulents since 2016, due to clones, cuttings, or propagation. I am fascinated with the Species and the Genus' out there and the many miles they traveled to be here. I have NEVER come across a more beautiful plant... The succulent.

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Collage of My Planters

This is a collage of some of the planters I have designed. I love using different textures and colors together to make a great arrangement

More Succulent Planters

I just Love having fun. Again all of the color and variations you can do.

More Collages

These are of individual plants I love the textures and the flowers when they are in bloom.

Private Tours

7166 Bobhird Drive

San Diego, CA 92119


By Appointment Only


We can hardly wait and look forward to seeing everybody!



Upcoming Events



10 am to 3 pm Private Tour & Sale

w/ Veronica and Free Gift



10 am to 3 pm Private Tour & Sale

w/ Veronica and Free Gift!!!





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